Looking for your dream job?

Our clients are in the top 25 companies to work for in their field. We work with the best companies out there to help us offer you your dream job. We discuss with you how we can aid, and how we can help secure your next move (e.g finding your dream company, finding your dream job, negotiating salary, bonus, and holiday allowance) – we want the best for you, otherwise, it won’t be your dream job!


We pride ourselves in getting to understand what you’re looking for. if we do not know what you like, how can we guarantee it’s the right role for you?

Why apply through S3 Discovery?

  • You are 10 times more likely to be offered a role via an agency – You get FREE support and extra help providing you apply via our agency only. Please do speak to us first before applying for further roles, as we sadly cannot represent you if you apply directly or have duplicate applications to the same role. Let us do the hard work for you and trust our success rates!

  • 1st hand Exclusive intel on upcoming and potential new jobs – We have access to jobs that you as a job seeker often cannot see (yet). Through many years of partnership with clients, agencies are often the first to hear about profiles that are needed. You could be that 1st CV in front of the hiring manager that is seen before the job advert is even up!

  • 24/7 help line – Support during the recruitment stage through to in work support stage. This could be for help with your application, pending interview and even once you are in work. We have a team of ex-industry senior level workers who are here to support you from application, interview, offer and even when you are successfully placed in work.


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